Nîmes … Set between the Cevennes Mountains providing Nîmes with water and the Mediterranean Sea, discover the 2000 year old Roman city with its spring -Nemesus- you can see in the “Jardins de la Fontaine” topped by the Magne tower. See the Arenas, the “Maison Carrée”, the lanes, squares and secret gardens. Enjoy May or September Ferias, guided by our wise day or night plans ! In Summertime, from the beginning of July until the end of August, you’ll be able to meet local artisans every Thursday, during the famous Nîmes’ Thursdays !

Not mentioning its surroundings !! Indeed, ideally set between Uzès, Montpellier and Avignon, the city of Nîmes will be the starting point of all yous visits, on your way to various festivals !

You will have the opportunity to discover the Pont du Gard, only 25 minutes’ drive away, it was built by the Romans to bring the water harnessed in Uzès down to Nîmes.

Why not discover it canoeing down the stream from Collias ?

Or you might prefer the Camargue and its vast stretches of land and marshes, its black bulls and wild horses as well as its pink flamingoes …

Experience the Whitsun Feria in May or possibly the grape harvest one which puts and end to the “temporada”- the bull fighting season which corresponds to a 3 or 5 days’ feast making the city vibrate with its corridas, release of bulls, its brass bands, bodegas-small shops where they serve drinks-and warm atmosphere all over .